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About Us

We are a company that helps our customers connect to doctors around the world by arranging personalized video calls with doctors that can advice you. We also provide home remedies for small and common illnesses.

Our aim is to provide fast and reliable solutions to our users during this pandemic

  • Online consultations will let the patients talk to the medical professional with the comfort of their home.
  • Going to a clinic could lead to a risk of being infected, due to consultations being online its safe
  • With facilities like the chatbot and home remedy recomendation, it saves the user a lot of time and money that will be used in travelling to the clinic

We are very dedicated in providing a medically accurate and smooth experience to our users. It is our vision to bring forth an application that is easy to use and even the elderly who are not so comfortable with technology, can use it. We also make sure that the doctors from a number of fields are associated with us.

Doctors from various fields are associated with us

Fields in which our doctors are experts

Users that post information on the feed

Awards have been given to us by various organizations

Doctors with great experience

Consult with doctors around the world who have expansive experience in their field

Home remedies for various diseases

Get home remedies that so simple anyone can follow them

Keep your loved ones safe

Talk to doctors with the comfort of your home

Quicker and accurate solutions

As doctors share their solutions it will be accurate than what the internet has


Online consultations

online consultations will let the patients talk to the medical professional with the comfort of their home.

Home Remedies

Home remedies will help users cure common illness without putting extra effort to buy things.

Chat Bots

Chat bots will help the user to answer FAQ's and other questions that they might have.

Make an Appointment

Make an appointment to have a consultation with the doctor online on a video call. Get in touch with the best doctors to get advice on anything you need medically.


Drop by for a cup of coffee or give us your suggestions. We are more than welcome for suggestions to improve ourselves

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